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We are a mother/daughter team of paranormal erotic romance authors who love to write about vampires, dragons, werewolves, and shapeshifters.  Yes, we like to put a little "bite" into our books.  As you go through our site, you'll find information about who we are, how we got started, as well as current and future works.  Under the list of books section, you'll find interviews with some of our characters, as well as trailers and snippets of the books.  A complete list of buy sites is also available, making it easier to purchase any of our books.  

Our blog features updated information on what we are working on, release dates, an up close and personal chit-chat with our characters, and a quiz section that you can enter to win some cool prizes It also gives you a glimpse into the menagerie we call home.  So, grab a glass of wine, kick up your feet and stay awhile, we are sure you will find something of interest!   


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Double Decker Books has just named Up in Smoke, Texas Vampire Rangers 2 Paranormal Book of the Year!!!!
Thank you to everyone who voted in this contest!


Coming April 7, 2015!

Available April 7, 2015!

Rubinmire, Dragons of Dragonose 5!  

No one was more surprised than King Thoran himself when he discovered fate had gifted him with a second mate in the middle of a rescue operation for kidnapped Dragonose women and children.  Nor did he expect her anger directed at him.  What is a king to do when he rescues his queen only to have her despise him?  King Thoran had rescued Carmen along with all the other kidnapped Dragonose women and children.  Now back home, his castle is full to bursting with a make shift hospital, crying babies, scared women, and a pissed off mate.

Carmen refuses to allow for one second of sympathy towards the king.  Yes, he and his warriors did come save them, but what took so bloody long to begin with?  And his excuse of ‘he didn’t know’?  She just isn’t buying it.  Besides, she has to keep her cloak of anger pulled tight around her in order to cover up the real problem.

When Carmen finally succumbs to a foreign matter running through her blood, King Thoran rushes against time to save her.  His kingdom has already witnessed him losing one mate years ago, to suffer losing a second mate is inconceivable. 

But the Dragonose medical technology is put to the test as they rush against time to try and save her.  Will they be able to?  And can she look past her anger to see the real man her fated mate is?



Game Time!

Game & Quiz Corner!

With Easter right around the corner (next weekend), this week's game is an Easter Word Scramble.  Two winners will be announced Wednesday, April 1 (no April fool joke here!), and our winners will each receive a $10.00 Amazon Gift card AND will also receive one of the very first copies of Rubinmire, Dragons of Dragonose 5 just as soon as I get my author copies!  Good luck to everyone!
sertea ynubn _____________________________
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trasee lliy ________________________________
sretae tbskae _____________________________
enw hleosct ______________________________
wolsfre __________________________________
lelyj enabs _______________________________
hlmlamwaros gesg _________________________
sraeet geg tnhu ____________________________
cleathoco _________________________________
dnitirota __________________________________
pphay rtseea ______________________________
To submit your response:  You are welcome to submit your answers one of two ways.  1. Email your answers to authoralicebrown@gmail.com   or 2. Leave your answers at the bottom of this page under comments section

***Game will remain open until Wednesday, April 1, to give everyone a chance to play.  Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on facebook, and posted on the front page of the website.  Good Luck everyone!!!

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