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We are a mother/daughter team of paranormal erotic romance authors who love to write about vampires, dragons, werewolves, and shapeshifters.  Yes, we like to put a little "bite" into our books.  As you go through our site, you'll find information about who we are, how we got started, as well as current and future works.  Under the list of books section, you'll find interviews with some of our characters, as well as trailers and snippets of the books.  A complete list of buy sites is also available, making it easier to purchase any of our books.  

Our blog features updated information on what we are working on, release dates, an up close and personal chit-chat with our characters, and a quiz section that you can enter to win some cool prizes It also gives you a glimpse into the menagerie we call home.  So, grab a glass of wine, kick up your feet and stay awhile, we are sure you will find something of interest!   


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In book three of Vampire Texas Rangers: When Texas Ranger Donte Chaverez’s boss hands him a new assignment escorting his sister-in-law’s friend, Donte thinks nothing other than just another job.  However, what it turns out to be is a life changing experience—a dream he never thought would come true. 

Cassandra Vicors is recuperating in the hospital after surviving a horrendous beating at the hands of her best friend’s ex when a Texas Ranger walks through the door, announcing he is there to escort her to Texas. 

With Cassandra’s persistent nightmares then add the fact nothing ever goes right for the Rangers, it is just the beginning of the mystery, one they need to unravel in order to bring the case to a close. 

As evil stalks every move, it soon becomes evident the Rangers need outside help in order to see the case through.  But will Cassandra be able to handle the fact she is now surrounded by vampires?  And will Donte be able to keep her safe long enough to show her what she means to him?

Catch up with your favorite characters and fall in love with a few new ones as the Rangers once again come to the aid of an innocent female in need of their protection.


This Just In:

Double Decker Books has just named Up in Smoke, Texas Vampire Rangers 2 Paranormal Book of the Year!!!!
Thank you to everyone who voted in this contest!



Game Time!

Game & Quiz Corner!

Since we are celebrating Mother's Day, our game this week is a Mother's Day word scramble.  Unscramble the words to come up with words describing mom.  ***Prize:  A $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

nenuigdr ____________________   
itgnliteenl ____________________  
lnaettde _____________________  
hffitula ______________________  
euecsrtfpl ____________________ 
nsgtro ______________________   
ylloa _______________________   l
heucelfr _____________________  
ncaelig _____________________   
cefrtrii ______________________  

To send in your answers:  You can submit your answers one of two ways.  (A) email them to authoralicebrown@gmail.com (B) submit them at the bottom of this website page under the comments section. 

***Game will remain open until Tuesday, May 12, to give everyone a chance to play.  Winners will be announced Tuesday evening.  Good Luck everyone!!!

Our winner this week is Anna-Marie Coomber!  Congratulations Anna-Marie!!!

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